Terms & Conditions

 By placing an order with us, you agree with the Terms & Conditions.

By placing an order after December 9th, 2021 I agree my order is not guaranteed by Christmas.

Summary of our shop policies:

  • We are not responsible for delays caused by USPS or UPS. 
  • We do not accept returns or exchanges.
  • In the event your items were delivered to you damaged, please email us at pinkpawco@yahoo.com with your order number and picture proof of your damaged items.
  • Only one coupon code may be used at a time.
  • Coupon codes do expire and cannot be redeemed for cash.
  • Gift Cards never expire and cannot be redeemed for cash.
  • Orders that don’t include personalization may be canceled up to 24hrs after purchase time. Orders including personalization may be canceled up to 12 hours after purchase time.  After this time span, orders including personalization may not be canceled.
  • If your order is lost in the mail and confirmed by USPS, after waiting 14- business days, please send us an email at pinkpawco@yahoo.com
  • We are not liable for packages marked by USPS or UPS as delivered.  Please contact your local post office to inquire about your package.
  • All aspects of our website are created by us and specifically for our website. If any aspects of our website are taken or plagiarized without permission, we will take action by law.  This includes but not limited to: using our pictures, size chart, wording, etc.
  • Products are intended for personal use and cannot be resold for profit under any circumstances.

PLEASE READ:  If there is an issue with your order regarding shipping (ex. delivery times, USPS, shipping issues, etc.) please send us an email at pinkpawco@yahoo.com.  Please do not DM us with issues regarding shipping.  We receive DMs daily and wouldn’t want yours to get accidentally missed.  If you DM us with any kind of shipping questions/issues you will kindly be asked to send us an email instead.  Any questions you have that are not shipping related: our DM’s are always open! 


Commonly Asked Questions:

Do you accept returns or exchanges?

No.  Everything is custom made to order.  For that reason, we cannot accept returns or exchanges. 


Can I use multiple coupon codes?

No, only one coupon code may be applied at a time.


Can I cancel an order once placed? 

Yes, you may cancel an order that does not include personalization up to 24 hrs after the purchase time.  If your order includes personalization, you have 12 hours after purchase time to cancel your order.  After the 12-hour time span, your personalization order may not be canceled.  In the event you need to cancel an order, please reach out to us ASAP.


Can I cancel an order once shipped?

Unfortunately, no orders under any circumstances are able to be canceled once shipped.


How come my express shipping order came later than 1-2 days?

This policy only applies when express shipping is an available option at checkout.  Our current processing time for orders is 5-7 business days.  Keep in mind the shipping times don’t include the 5-7 days to process your order.  Also please note, if your express order goes out on Friday, you will not receive it until Monday or Tuesday because mail is not processed on non-business days.  If your express order took more than 5 business days to arrive after you received a tracking number, please reach out to us and we will happily refund the shipping fee. 


How come my standard shipping order took longer to arrive?

We use USPS for all orders.  We unfortunately have no control over shipping delays and USPS.  If your standard shipping order took more than 14 business days to arrive AFTER you received a shipping confirmation, please email us at pinkpawco@yahoo.com .  If you know you're going to need something for a specific day or holiday PLEASE order in advance! 


My order got lost in the mail!  What do I do?

In the event your package was lost in the mail and/or never showed up, please speak with your LOCAL post office to inquire about your package before reaching out to us.  We unfortunately have no control over USPS and once your package is dropped off at the post office, it is out of our control.


My order said it was delivered… but it’s not here!

We take full responsibility for packages en route up until they are marked by USPS as “delivered”.  Once the package is marked delivered, we are no longer liable.  You will have to file a claim with USPS or call your local post office to inquire about your missing package.  


I'm not sure what size bandana my dog wears? 

We’ve made a size chart diagram with measurements, so you know the exact measurements of all sizing options.  We’ve also listed common breeds for each size to help when making a size selection.  Please measure around your dog’s neck where their collar is, as this is the only way to ensure a perfect fit!  (Helpful tip: Whatever size collar your dog normally wears is usually their bandana size too!)  If you are still unsure, you can reach out to us over Instagram DM to ask about sizing.


How long will it take to get my order?

Our current processing time is 5-7 business days, and our current shipping time is 3-5 business days.


Will you send me free products in exchange for Instagram posts?

If we want to work with you, we will reach out!  When purchasing, you are always welcome to use one of our brand reps’ codes for 15% off your purchase.


Will you sponsor my giveaway?

We love sponsoring your giveaways!  Unfortunately, we aren’t able to participate in every giveaway that comes our way.  We participate in pups’ giveaways who are active followers on our page (ex. liking/ commenting/ reposting).  If you don’t follow us or just started following us before asking, your request will be politely declined.  If you are a brand rep, we would always love the opportunity to sponsor your giveaway! 

Tip: If you know you’re going to want us to sponsor a giveaway you have coming up the best time to ask is at the beginning of the month since we have a monthly giveaway limit. 


How do I become a brand rep? 

We’re always keeping an eye out for pups who we think represent our brand well.  You don’t need a massive following to be considered as long as you are an active public account.  We look for pups of any shape/ breed/ size that post at least once a week with high quality photos.  We’ll do brand rep searches throughout the year.


What’s in it for me by being a brand rep?  

We like to keep it new and fresh so the perks you get will change based on the season and the different launches we have planned throughout your term.  You will always get a discount code to share with friends and family, as well as a personal discount code for yourself.  We’ll also always have some sort of goal for you to hit in order to receive shop credit or extra free products (ex. having your discount code used a certain number of times).  In order to keep your codes active, all we ask in return is that you share our brand regularly (we don’t want anything to feel staged or fake, so we don’t require you to post a certain amount of times a week), send us high quality unedited pictures, and share your friends and family code with your followers.